We stock a wide variety of tapes, most of which I've tried to include in the picture. I have forgotten to include electrical tape and possibly a few others. However the only thing most of these have in common is they come on a roll, for example we do a high tech bandage called Beko Quick Wound Dressing or we might just have a one off supply of an item. Basically this makes certain items difficult to list, easier when products can be bundled in together. 

Our list of tapes in stock then. Scrim tape for plasterboard, both 50 mm and 100 mm. A wide and standard masking tape. We also do the Frog Tape brand of green masking tape which comes off clean even if left in place for a few weeks. There are three types of Gaffa tape, one Silver, one black and the Gorilla Brand gaffa tape. We have the silent brown packing tape. The silent tape seems a little obsessive perhaps but actually it is much nicer to use. Anyway at £1.60 it's cheap enough not to worry too much about it.

We have Sellotape, No Nails stickers apparently will hold 3 kg per strip. Foil tape for insulation board / sheets such as Cellotex  and a clear repair tape. There is also two types of wrap around tapes which are rubbery elastic and have no adhesive on them, they hold in place by their own tension. Being water proof they are probably for some plumbing / pipes application but I have to say I've never seen them in use. The red coloured roll of Saves Nails is a strong double sided tape. We also have small rolls of double and single sided sticky cloth tape which I forgot to include in the picture. Finally we have a red and a yellow hazard or "handle with care"  packing tape.