Building Materials

Bricks? Blocks? Cement? Sand? Come to Dobsons and we can help you get it at the right price. If you want to match a brick bring it to us and we will do our best to find it for you. If you need to buy in loose or bulk – we can do it. 

We have a range of bricks and blocks in stock and we can also order some in for you.
Thermalite Blocks
Concrete Blocks
Heather Bricks
Engineering Bricks
Claydon Red Bricks
Common Bricks
Tudor Bricks
Sunset Red Bricks
Ewhurst Medium Multi Bricks
Saxson Gold Bricks
Paving Bricks - Pallet covers 8.48 sqmts
Comes in 4 Colours


However it’s not only bricks and blocks we are good for:
Ballast - 25kg / Bulk Bag
Building Sand - 25kg / Bulk Bag
Sharp Sand - 25kg / Bulk Bag
Plastering Sand - 25kg / Bulk Bag
Scalpings - Bulk Bag
10mm Pea Shingle - 25kg / Bulk Bag
20mm Pea Shingle - Bulk Bag
Topsoil - Bulk Bag
Bonding - 25kg
Multifinish - 25kg
Cement - 25kg
Drywall Adhesive - 25kg
Hardwall - 25kg
Silver Sand - 25kg
Kiln Dried Sand - 25kg
Canterbury Spar - 25kg
Rock Salt - 20kg / 25kg

Other bagged materials, e.g. bark, can be ordered in so if you want to make an inquiry please give us a call

Topsoil Jumbo Bag. These are also called bulk bags or ton bags though ton bags is inaccurate as they are often between 800 and 900 kgs.

Pea Shingle Jumbo / Bulk Bag.

Felt Materials

Green Mineral Felt - 10mts
Underlay Felt - 20mts
Torch On Green Felt - 8mts
Torch On Underlay Felt - 16mts
Cold Bitumen Adhesive - 25lt
Chippings - 3 sq mts
Silver Roofing Paint - 25lt
Aquaproof - 25lt
Marley Water Proofing - 25lt
Slaters Felt - 40mts
Breathable Felt - 50mts

Also available . . . Lead & Undercloaking

Glass Cutting 

4mm Clear
4mm Non Reflective
6mm Clear
6mm Non Reflective
6mm Polished Wire - Clear
6mm Georgian Wire - Blind
4mm Mirror
2mm Picture Glass - Clear
2mm Picture Glass - Non Reflective

Glass can be cut to size, and is priced according to the size and quantity.