The DIY Store

Dobsons has been around since the 1950's as far as I can tell when they had a DIY store and a separate timber yard up next to Slough Train Station. It was run by a couple of generations of the same family before the current owners. Apparently they used to make varnish at the shop.

Back to the present and we still have two premises with a warehouse unit around the corner off Petersfield Ave which is used for storage and deliveries of the bulk materials. However, the shop is the main point of access.

The variety of items in stock is vast however I'll list some of the more common items. We are known for stocking less common items or ordering things in when a customer cannot find what they are looking for. We keep a large selction of nuts and bolt, screws and washers. Usually people can find what they are looking for or something close enough.

Paints, Polishes, Fillers, Wire Wool and Sandpaper.

We stock a selection of paints from small pots to the larger 10 liitre decorators tubs. There are various varnishes, wood dyes and more traditional polishes in small quantities. The 2 Pack Ronseal Filler has grown in popularity over the years. Other fillers include Brummer for traditional woodwork. At the bottom of the picture below is White Spirit, Meths and Cellulose Thinners. The fillers come in smaller DIY sized packets up to 10 kg bags for Tetrion and the more specialised Gyproc Easi Fill. 

Sand, cement and ballast is sold as the standard  25 kg bags. There is Plasterboard Adhesive, Multifinish, Bonding and Hardwall for pickup from the yard at the rear or we deliver. There is quick set cement and  bags of sand and cement for those smaller jobs.

Our Moulding Rack is popular these days, particularly with the tradesmen. It is regularly restocked with quadrants, angles and all sorts of shapes in timber and plastic. There are a few aluminium profiles. It's a good idea to call first and see if we have an item in stock. We do order mouldings in for customers who require say 20 of a particular dowel for their work or project. 

Various Drill Bits for masonry, metal and wood.

Key Cutting, Tools and Decorating. Saws, hammers, paint brushes, silicon, mastics, expanding foam and rollers.

Gloves and Dust masks.

We do dust sheets in cloth and plastics, buckets in black and yellow and a few types of larger plastering buckets. Mops, mop handles, brushes, soft and hard bristles.

Doors, locks and Ironmongery. 

Also in the picture worktops to order and plumbing supplies.

Chain and Sundries.